Things to do NOW, to sell your home in the Spring!

I have a handful of clients that are waiting until next Spring, to list their home, for a variety of reasons.  One thing they all have in common…they all want to know what they should be doing NOW to get their home ready.

The most important thing to keep in mind, is that you want your home to show its very best, right from the first day your home hits the market. 

You don’t get a second chance, at a first impression.

The Spring market is probably the busiest selling season here in Minnesota and you’ll be competing with many other homes.  Take advantage of the time you have now, to work on your home, making it show the very best next Spring.

Here’s my list:

In the fall, look at your landscaping with a critical eye.  What can you do, to spruce that up?  Can you plant Spring bulbs somewhere?  Consider plants that will bloom first, so when buyers are visiting your home, they are greeted with color & beauty!

Aerate & fertilize your yard.  That way, when the grass starts to grow next year, it’s going to look lush & green!

Trim trees that have dead branches, are touching parts of your house and/or roof and shrubs that are overgrown.

Clean your windows, inside & out.  Either do it yourself, or hire someone.  And not just the glass, clean the trim, sashes etc. This is a biggie for Buyers, as they will pull back curtains and blinds to see the condition of your windows.  You’ll likely need to do this again in the Spring, but it won’t be as daunting of a task if you’ve already done the deep clean in the Fall.

Clean & paint (if needed) areas around your front entrance…this is the first thing that Buyers will see when they visit your home.  In the Spring, replace your front door mat. And add a bright wreath if you have a place to hang one, or some seasonal potted plants.

Declutter/organize your garage…start by parking the cars in the driveway and take a good hard look at your garage.  What can you get rid of?  What can you do to improve the storage options in this space?

Start packing.  What?  Yes, Fall is the perfect time to pack up those items you may not need for another year, or things that you are keeping out of sentimental value or for the future.  Consider renting a storage locker of some kind, or create a place within your garage or attic.

Declutter your closets…As the weather gets colder, move inside and take a good look at your closets.  When Buyers are touring your home, they will open closet doors.  A closet that is jam packed, busting at the seams with stuff, will sometimes signal to the Buyer that you may not have enough storage space within the home.  You can hire someone to help design a closet organizer or there are lots of DIY options.  But at a minimum, purge those closets!

Paint.  If you need design inspiration, it’s as easy as turning on HGTV or visiting a website to find the colors that are the best (trendy or classic favorites) for your specific space.  My model during the Fall Parade of Homes was painted with Sherwin Williams Mega Greige and that color was a hit among almost every one of our guests who walked thru. It’s a combination of brown & gray, taking on tones of green and blue, depending on the lighting etc. 

Consider replacing flooring.  If you have extremely worn out carpet, replace it.  Buyers love hardwood flooring these days, both laminate & real wood.  Consider areas that would be best served with that type of flooring.

Consider hiring a Home Inspector to perform a pre-sale inspection of your home.  This is a step that the majority of Buyers will have done, during the inspection time after you’ve accepted their offer.  Doing so will help to reveal issues that you can address now, so there won’t be any surprises when the Buyer has their inspection completed.  Keep in mind however, anything of material defect, will have to be disclosed in your property disclosure at the time of listing your home.  So if your home inspector finds high levels of Radon, for example, that will need to be disclosed, and likely dealt with.

Start gathering manuals/brochures etc. for major appliances/equipment in your home.  This will be welcomed by the Buyer who eventually purchases your home.

When Spring arrives, be sure to price it right, by researching your market.  This is something, that in cooperation with your Realtor®, will really help you price your home right in the Spring.  Ask your Realtor® for a list of homes recently sold in your area.  How do those homes compare to yours? Want to see that list now?  Reach out and I will get your custom Market Analysis to you right away!

All my best,